Landscape Design

The key to good landscape design is experience. At Horizon Nurseries we draw on over 30 years of experience in working with plants of all types. Many of the plants we use in our landscapes were grown on our own nursery site.

In planning your garden setting, we will endeavor to screen out less attractive site features while embellishing desirable views by framing them with beautiful plants. Creating garden themes with focal points and feature plants will lead the eye through the landscape in a logical fashion, without clutter or excess. We will orchestrate colour through the seasons with foliage, flower, fruit, and the brilliant hues of fall. Planning will account for a good blend of evergreen and deciduous material so your garden is interesting at all times of the year, even winter.

Into this we blend plant forms, heights and texture to create gardens which can be tranquil or spectacular (or a little bit of both). Whether you desire a drier, easier maintenance garden, a striking rockery planting, a lush shade garden, or a blending of styles, we have the experience to bring your landscaping ideas to reality.