Pavers and Garden Walls

Pavers and Other Surface Treatments

Pavers, or segmental road and path paving units, have been in use for thousands of years. Ancient Roman roads were built with stone units, and were so well constructed that some are still in use today. Modern interlocking cement and concrete pavers provide a stable surface for road and foot traffic and are available in a staggering array of shapes, sizes and colours. Different paving patterns can be achieved by alternating a variety of paver sizes which are equal in thickness. Patio pavers, walkways, and paths add distinction and quality to the look of a residential landscape.

Garden Walls

Walls help divide and define space in garden settings. Slopes on your property can be resolved into terraced flat ground or more gentle slopes by the use of walls. As a design feature, the placement and height of walls will drastically alter the overall appearance of your landscape and create considerably more functional space.

The choice of materials used for wall building can also add a natural or more formal feeling to your property. Consider stone (mortared or dry stacked), boulders, treated lumber, or a manufactured product such as Allan block for your garden. Integrating hardscape elements such as walkways, stairs, patios, pergolas and walls can give your project a harmonious feel.