Horizon Nurseries & Landscaping, Greater Victoria BC

Stone and soil, water and wood. We craft the natural materials of the earth to create outdoor living space tailored to your needs. Horizon Nurseries designs landscapes to compliment your Victoria home and lifestyle, enhancing the function and beauty of your property.

Flowers along a path

We build, supply, and install ponds and paths, fountains and gardens, but what really sets us apart is our plants. At our two acre nursery in Metchosin, close to Victoria BC, we propagate, collect and train unique plant species and individuals.

Horizon Nurseries specializes in alpine, rockery, and perennial plants. We custom grow unique trees and shrubs. We craft rare and beautiful flowers to become the focal points of your garden.

Our experience in landscape design enables us to showcase form, flower, foliage colour and texture. We create landscapes with a vision for all seasons to provide function and beauty year round.

Horizon Nurseries is also a professional, experienced plant nursery. Our advanced knowledge of plant growth allows us to create landscapes that work. We have the ability to create gardens in a myriad of special circumstances and micro-climates common to the Greater Victoria area. Whether your garden calls for plants that grow in cool moist woodland shade, or hot dry areas with little irrigation, we can provide the plants and expertise to create your personal oasis.

Be the owner of a landscape of distinction. For your next home or commercial project, contact us for a no-charge consultation.