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Well designed irrigation, in conjunction with expert soil blending and grading, lays the foundation for gardens that stand the test of time.  Understanding the relationships between soil types and irrigation application is what marks the difference between irrigation technicians and people who merely install pipe in the ground.

This is where experience comes into play.   Having two certified irrigation technicians on staff, with a combined history of over 45 years designing, installing and repairing watering systems, Horizon Landscapes has what it takes to meet your irrigation needs.  We have extensive experience in commercial high volume systems as well as more modest residential appications.

We can design systems incorporating drip irrigation for containers and tree watering or large sports field rotor systems and everything in between.


We have knowledge of all types of irrigation controllers, from battery timers (where line voltage power is not available)  to sophisticated WIFI connected systems which can monitor nearby weather stations and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.  Many systems can be adjusted and operated by smartphone apps via WIFI, Bluetooth or hotspot connections.

Well designed systems = healthy, lush landscapes

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